OCPP Modbus gateway

Connection of the electric vehicle charging points with the BMS/SCADA/PLC


SGA Solutions and Intesis have jointly developed an innovative OCPP – Modbus gateway, which will revolutionize and facilitate the management of electric vehicle chargers.

The gateways are a unique solution that adapts to all types of EV charging points control projects, being able to work with the Central System (OCPP) and with the BMS (Modbus).

Take control of your electric vehicle chargers

OCPP communication protocol

   The charging points for electric vehicles work through the OCPP language (Open Charge Point Protocol), an open and standardized communication protocol for all electric vehicle chargers on the current market.

Modbus communication protocol

   Modbus is an industrial protocol that allows the control of a network of devices which are present in all types of buildings and industries.
It is the standard communication system, as it is simple to implement and allows greater availability for the connection of different electronic devices.

Use of open communication protocols


OCPP – Modbus gateways

    The gateways allow bi-directional communication between the two protocols, allowing the BMS to access all signals from the chargers quickly and easily, either to integrate them directly into the Modbus system or to give access to the measurements in readout mode.

BMS as Central System

Integration of EV charging points into the Modbus system, making the BMS the central operating system.


Management of the recharging points through an external Central System, allowing the BMS to monitor measurement information and the status of the chargers.

Technical features

Robust gateways
Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP compatible
Manufacturer independence (adapts to any brand using OCPP 1.6 protocol)

Automatic detection of chargers

Common Modbus map for all brands and models
DIN rail installation
Simple application for configuration
From 1 to 20 chargers with 7 connectors

The gateways allow full control and monitoring of electric vehicle charging points.



Choose the option that best suits your needs

OCPP Modbus gateways

1 Charger with 7 connectors


OCPP Modbus gateways connectable with up to

20 chargers with 7 connectors each


SGA Solutions

Leading brand in the creation of automation solutions for all types of processes.


Global manufacturer of communications gateways and systems integration

The combined efforts and technologies of both brands have resulted in a completely new system that will revolutionize and facilitate the management of electric chargers for single-family homes, car parks, smart cities, buildings, businesses…

      Eenergie-Shop, the online shop for electrical equipment of the Eiffage Group subsidiary, is the official and exclusive distributor of OCPP-Modbus gateways in several European countries.

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